Discrimination Today #YouTubeBlackFanFest

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About a year ago, YouTube received a lot of backlash for the lack of diversity when it came to promoting YouTubers. White YouTubers were advertised more when compared to the YouTubers of colour. To make things right, YouTube hosted a separate Fan Fest for black people to make them feel more welcome and equal. A Fan Fest is basically when creators get to perform live on stage, meet their fans and connect with other creators. Did this actually make things right? Why is it that we have to break walls of discrimination and replace it by building a new one? What is the difference between a white YouTuber and a black YouTuber? They’re all human beings showcasing their talent on a platform called ‘YouTube’. I don’t mean to offend, I just want us, society, to realize that we can’t put out the fire if we keep adding fuel to it.

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