FLIP THE SWITCH, FROM COMFORT TO SUCCESS Lazing around on your bed all day? Or doing the same old 9 to 5 job for months or even years? If yes, then let me tell you this. You have entered and made yourself at home in your comfort zone. It’s time to flip the switch. It’s time to get up, get out of your house and do something different. I’m pretty sure that at one point of your life, you imagined yourself walking down the red carpet, being super famous and successful. Is that, still a dream of yours? Or … Continue reading KEY TO SUCCESS

Write your own story!

She looked everywhere, all she could see was people dressed all fancy. And then there was her. Everyone was wearing jeans and crop tops. She was there in a t-shirt and track pants. Everyone’s face was covered with a mask of makeup. She was showing her true self. Everyone was a copy of the other. They all looked the same. She was the only one different, the only one brave. Brave enough to be different from the rest. She thought to herself, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”. Continue reading Write your own story!


Those words of wisdom, In this magical kingdom. Thinking out loud, And speak without a sound. Words engraved on blank papers, Thoughts sparking in millions of brains. Like blood from your heart to your veins. Get up from your chair, Get out of your house, And enter the story you read, Enter the world you may never despair. Meet ogres, trolls and giants, Go fly on those magical dragons. Let your imagination guide you, Never let the experience undo. For you should never forget, Those words of wisdom, In this magical kingdom.   Continue reading WORDS OF WISDOM

Poetry- Art to Heart

  Nature’s beauty so it’s called, Each one perfectly flawed. As it waits for the sun to rise, Its beauty, never fails to entice thousand eyes. They have thorns which may leave you sore, But they also have petals which will always leave you to adore. As the gates to heaven show the way, The drops of colour start to decay. They say flowers also weep, When the leaves stoop low. When the very branches that hold them, Are now merely flakes. Perfect? Imperfect? Or both? You may wonder. They stand strong even through thunder. Nature’s beauty so it’s called, … Continue reading Poetry- Art to Heart


CAPTURED is all about getting inspired. Bring out the artist, singer, dancer, writer or even poet hidden in you! Here is a little poem which I wrote, I hope this brightens your mind with colourful thoughts and ideas: The wind was a blanket of breeze, Which settled the sand at it’s ease. The trees cherished the rain, And then the morning dew. The sun so shiny with a golden hue, It’s sparkling light hit the mighty mane. The birds chirping softly, The cheetah running swiftly. The waves rolling into the land, Bringing life to the dead sand. The blanket of … Continue reading BE INSPIRED

A Poetic Mind

  SHINING BRIGHT The fire of dawn, the light of the path, dappled splotches and shades filtering through. Shining on the cloudless sky, sparkling on the morning dew. Coming to arch on the blanket of blue. Blazing over the golden sand, Spreading it’s wings on river and land. Look never into it’s eye, but cherish it, for without it there will be no life. Giving light through the day, dim and bright. Swimming out of the pool of night. Sometimes shy, hiding behind blobs of cotton. Sometimes never forgets to show it’s face, shining bright. Written by: Diya Malhotra   Continue reading A Poetic Mind