Today, 26th June 2018 marks the first anniversary of Captured and I couldn't be more proud. I made this blog with just one goal in mind, to inspire others. And along the way, I have inspired quite a few. CAPTURED BY DIYA wouldn't have been possible without all the tremendous support I have received. I... Continue Reading →

Changing Times, Shifting Vibes

Radio volume going high, Staring at those fireflies. Rock bands were a vibe, Partying all night being hype. Then the tables turned, The past was memories burned. Staring at the six inch world, Scrolling past everything curled. Heads hung low, Verbal communication let go. Technology polluted, Humanity left wounded. That 90's vibe flew away, Now... Continue Reading →

Sparks of Creativity☯️

The stars in favour, Darkness caused terror. Fear and desire, To be afraid or to admire? Stuck between dimensions, Surrounded by all the tension. Avoiding but craving, Circumstances unnerving. Reached out but holding back, All the fear, you were bound to crack. Emotions overwhelmed, Insanity compelled. Simple yet complex, Head spinning with wreck.


  FLIP THE SWITCH, FROM COMFORT TO SUCCESS Lazing around on your bed all day? Or doing the same old 9 to 5 job for months or even years? If yes, then let me tell you this. You have entered and made yourself at home in your comfort zone. It’s time to flip the switch.... Continue Reading →

Write your own story!

She looked everywhere, all she could see was people dressed all fancy. And then there was her. Everyone was wearing jeans and crop tops. She was there in a t-shirt and track pants. Everyone’s face was covered with a mask of makeup. She was showing her true self. Everyone was a copy of the other.... Continue Reading →


Those words of wisdom, In this magical kingdom. Thinking out loud, And speak without a sound. Words engraved on blank papers, Thoughts sparking in millions of brains. Like blood from your heart to your veins. Get up from your chair, Get out of your house, And enter the story you read, Enter the world you... Continue Reading →

Poetry- Art to Heart

  Nature’s beauty so it’s called, Each one perfectly flawed. As it waits for the sun to rise, Its beauty, never fails to entice thousand eyes. They have thorns which may leave you sore, But they also have petals which will always leave you to adore. As the gates to heaven show the way, The... Continue Reading →


CAPTURED is all about getting inspired. Bring out the artist, singer, dancer, writer or even poet hidden in you! Here is a little poem which I wrote, I hope this brightens your mind with colourful thoughts and ideas: The wind was a blanket of breeze, Which settled the sand at it’s ease. The trees cherished... Continue Reading →

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