Intolerance, you may wonder what I mean by this term. We all say that society has created stereotypes, society has shaped us into who we are but what about the simple fact that we are society? Acts of religious intolerance and social intolerance are some of the many vicious ideals we reside in. To bring out a sense of clarification, social intolerance is basically the nonacceptance of an individual or a group of people based on their characteristics, interests, and personality. Religious intolerance is, as you may have guessed, the unwillingness to accept a particular religion. Intolerance is a major issue, especially considering the fact that it can lead to crimes and has before. One clear example is the Padmaavat protests. We as a society, need to put an end to this twisted misdeed. Let us look at this way, intolerant people do not have the ability to make the correct decisions as they refuse to hear out the opinion of someone who they not tolerate. The same way, we cannot move forward as a community if we continue to object to something our country is known for, ‘Unity in Diversity’.

Sparks of Creativity☯️

The stars in favour,
Darkness caused terror.
Fear and desire,
To be afraid or to admire?
Stuck between dimensions,
Surrounded by all the tension.
Avoiding but craving,
Circumstances unnerving.
Reached out but holding back,
All the fear, you were bound to crack.
Emotions overwhelmed,
Insanity compelled.
Simple yet complex,
Head spinning with wreck.


beach ocean sand sea


Lazing around on your bed all day? Or doing the same old 9 to 5 job for months or even years? If yes, then let me tell you this. You have entered and made yourself at home in your comfort zone. It’s time to flip the switch. It’s time to get up, get out of your house and do something different. I’m pretty sure that at one point of your life, you imagined yourself walking down the red carpet, being super famous and successful. Is that, still a dream of yours? Or have you managed to turn your dreams into a reality? I’m not going to lie, it will take hard work, it will take perseverance, it will take time, but in the end, its all worth it. Your very first step is rather easy, trying out new things. Such as, painting, growing a plant, dancing or anything that interests you. Try it out for a couple days, don’t like it? Then try something new. Keep doing this until you find the one thing you are passionate about or the one thing you see yourself doing in the future. Remember, patience is key. Work more towards it and see how you can improve in your hobby. At first, there will be a boost of motivation inside you, and as time passes by, it may start fading away. You may feel like giving up, everyone does at some point. Just don’t lose hope and keep going. Now, what you need to do is figure out a way to transform your passion into your job. You need to think; how can you make the world a better place with your hobby? Maybe your interest is gardening. You can most certainly make your environment better by planting. Maybe you want to be a poet. You can share the gift of your creativity, you can express yourself in words that leave the rest in awe. I know that this is a tough and time-consuming step but you can do it. It takes effort and time but you will not regret it because once you turn your passion into your job, nothing can come in your way of being successful. During this entire process, you have to keep certain things in mind. This process will not happen overnight, it takes time. Don’t give up even if others let you down. You don’t need to be like your family or your friends. You can freely be yourself. Don’t care about the people who judge you for what your passion is. Be bold and have confidence in yourself. Its time to be different. Its time to step out of your comfort zone and enter the zone of success. Its time to turn your dreams into reality.

-Diya Malhotra

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