Take Chances


Taking chances does not mean succeeding everytime. As I stated in my post KEY TO SUCCESS , taking risks means stepping out of your comfort zone from time to time. Taking chances means to do something which involves risks. In most cases, this risk is failure. We all tend to have a negative and disadvantageous view of failure. The truth is that failure is one of the only things that make us stronger and helps us build our character, along with the quality of resilience. Failure teaches us the art of persistance and one great example of failing and rising is Abraham Lincoln. Before becoming the 16th President of the United States of America, he lost eight elections, suffered from a mental breakdown and failed in business twice. Failure taught him perseverance, which assisted him in leading his country through its hardest times. Taking chances means accepting failure at times, and failure leads us to success. So take chances, take the risk of failure, because failure is the only way you can thrive and rise above.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Behind The Scenes

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Social media, is a platform of creating and sharing. It has made life easier for millions of people across the globe. But isn’t it true that a little good comes with a little bad? Every time you post a picture on Facebook and get a like, your brain releases neurotransmitters, specifically the ones that make you happy. For example, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins. This happens everytime when someone presses that like button on your post. This easily turns into an addiction. Once you are addicted to something, your brain tells you to devote a larger amount of time doing that activity. That means, you have less time to spend with your family, friends and less time to be more productive. When you decide to step away from social media, or your number of followers start to decrease, your brain gets alarmed. This is because social media turns into your daily dose of happiness, which is now fading away. Social media is helpful, but only if you’re using it, not abusing. 


Capturing the Flame of Diwali

Bright not dim, it’s said to be,

Filling our days with opulence and glee.

Carries along both peace and power,

With the festival of lights,

It brings us together.

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Discrimination Today #YouTubeBlackFanFest

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About a year ago, YouTube received a lot of backlash for the lack of diversity when it came to promoting YouTubers. White YouTubers were advertised more when compared to the YouTubers of colour. To make things right, YouTube hosted a separate Fan Fest for black people to make them feel more welcome and equal. A Fan Fest is basically when creators get to perform live on stage, meet their fans and connect with other creators. Did this actually make things right? Why is it that we have to break walls of discrimination and replace it by building a new one? What is the difference between a white YouTuber and a black YouTuber? They’re all human beings showcasing their talent on a platform called ‘YouTube’. I don’t mean to offend, I just want us, society, to realize that we can’t put out the fire if we keep adding fuel to it.


Intolerance, you may wonder what I mean by this term. We all say that society has created stereotypes, society has shaped us into who we are but what about the simple fact that we are society? Acts of religious intolerance and social intolerance are some of the many vicious ideals we reside in. To bring out a sense of clarification, social intolerance is basically the nonacceptance of an individual or a group of people based on their characteristics, interests, and personality. Religious intolerance is, as you may have guessed, the unwillingness to accept a particular religion. Intolerance is a major issue, especially considering the fact that it can lead to crimes and has before. One clear example is the Padmaavat protests. We as a society, need to put an end to this twisted misdeed. Let us look at this way, intolerant people do not have the ability to make the correct decisions as they refuse to hear out the opinion of someone who they not tolerate. The same way, we cannot move forward as a community if we continue to object to something our country is known for, ‘Unity in Diversity’.

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