Stop. There are approximately 46,000-1,000,000 plastic fragments floating within every square mile of Earth’s oceans. If you are aware, about climate change, about global warming, then as you use plastic bags, you are contributing to this phenomenon, stop. Every single plastic bag you have seen, is still lying around on this planet you call home, stop using them. You think these bags lying around in the oceans, on roadsides, aren’t harming you, but they are. Plastic bags threaten wildlife and marine life as animals may mistake them for food and consume them. Most plastic bags have some pollutants such as PCBs (poly-chlorinated biphenyls) together with PAHs (Poly-cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) which are hormone disrupting. Once the marine animals consume these chemicals, they move through the food chains, and into humans. These chemicals are mostly insoluble in water, meaning they can accumulate in our bodies over the years, and may be passed on from a woman to her child. These chemicals may lead to cancer and/or other serious medical conditions. Recycling plastic bags does not change the fact that they will eventually land up in landfills and oceans. The production, sale and usage of plastic bags should be banned, if it isn’t banned where you stay, at least stop using them. Use reusable eco-friendly bags instead. Save lives, save your planet, STOP using plastic bags.



  • Goldfish have a 3 second memory.

They actually have a 3 month memory.

  • Bulls hate the colour red.

Bulls are actually color-blind. They perceive the motion of a bullfighter’s cloth as a threat.

  • SOS = Save our Ship

SOS is a morse code distress signal because it is easy to transmit- three dots, three lines, three dots.

  • Everest is the tallest mountain.

Only above sea level! Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii is more than 33,000 feet tall, when measured from it’s underwater base( 4000 feet above Everest)

  • All fingernails grow at the same rate.

Blood flow stimulates nail growth. So, nails on your dominant hand grow faster.

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into perspective.” – Anton Chekhov

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Something New


What new is to come in a day’s change,

The sun still rises behind the snowy mountain range.

Birds chirp melodies of stories untold,

Yet they still contemporarily, sing echos of repitition.

Sedentary stones decide to move,

The dropout decides to prove,

Change was from within they say,

Not from a new day, not from a new year.

Fear was of change, but desire for growth.

Never ready, they take an oath.

For why should one keep waiting for a new beginning,

Why should one wait to start their journey of living.


~Diya Malhotra

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